Catching Up

I’ve had a nice blog-cation. You’ll notice that I disappeared during most of October. I’m a Ranger’s fan. What can I say? No time to blog. I spent October writing each day as if October were my personal NaNoWrMo, and I spent my evenings glued to the television, watching nearly every game of the division championships, the American League Championship, and the World Series.  In fact, the only game I missed was a day game. I even dropped much too much money so my husband and son could attend game 5 of the series here at The Ballpark in Arlington. We may have lost the series, but at least my Rangers pulled through for us for that game. Of course, its taken me some time to mourn our ultimate loss. Hey, at least we did better than the SF Giants this year.

I’ve been wearing the fiction editor’s hat the last little bit. I’m busy working on Josh Allen’s edition of Irreantum with authors Mark Brown  (“The Iron Door”), Laura McCune-Poplin (“Anonymity”), and Darin Cozzens (“The Last Blessing of J. Guyman LeGrand”). In addition, it appears that one of the other finalists from this year’s Irreantum contest will be hearing from me soon as some space has opened for a fourth story. I’ll announce that once its finalized. I’m very excited to be able to include a 4th story.

Over on the Sunstone side of my fiction editing life, I’ve been working with Brett Wilcox on his story, “One Glass Ball.” I first “met” OGB in the now defunct online workshop, WorLDSmiths, created by D. Mike. That was several years ago and I’ve been watching the story evolve. Its fun that Brett finally found a publication venue by entering the Sunstone fiction contest, known as the Brookie and D.K. Brown Fiction Contest. This will be Brett’s first print publication. Brett’s stick-to-ive-ness has served him well. So keep working all you unpublished writers. Don’t give up. Rewrite. Get feedback and don’t be afraid of the contests.

Within the next few days  I’ll be writing a review on a delightful little memoir, Don’t Shoot the Gentile!, by James C. Work. It will appear on the AML-list, then I’ll repost it here. If there is someone on your Christmas list who likes short, funny reads, come back and check out the review.

I’ve been re-reading Dancing Naked too and want very much to talk about it and the unlikeable protagonist. Very interesting stuff.

Here in the month of NaNoWriMo I’ve done nowhere near enough writing. I spent some time on a short horror story I’m hoping to find a home for, but there’s been limited progress on the novel over the past two weeks. And with family storming in next week, I’m not especially hopeful. Whoever chose a holiday month to hold NaNoWriMo is crazy. I get less done this time of year, not more. Still I have several friends who have been rock stars this month with the volume they’ve produced. Its inspiring. Me? Well, I am holding firm to the committment to have the initial completed draft of the Holding Back the Moon “done” by the end of January. I may be fantasizing, but it still feels do-able. Thank God for after mid-night internet shopping this Christmas season!


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  1. OGB’s finally coming out! Thanks for keeping me on it!

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