My Split Personality

booksI’ve been teased a little lately for taken on a new persona in the form of children’s book author, L.T. Downing. Yeah, I know. It reeks of R.L. and J.K., but when you write fiction intended for grown-up consumption and some of it is available online, it’s probably best to recreate yourself for the children’s market, considering the prevalent use of search engines.  I really hesitated about the new byline, in part because of the famous initialed authors working in children’s and young adult fiction, and in part because there is already a Mary Downing writing horror for the youth market. I didn’t want to use a pen name that had no connection to my real name, so Downing is sticking.  Besides, it occurs to me it might not be so bad to share the last name of an established and very good writer of horror stories aimed at young people. I did consider using my given middle name initial, but that would’ve made me L.C. Downing and, well, I don’t know. L.C. (Elsie) will always be the name of a cow to me. Also those who know me as Lisa Torcasso Downing would be less likely to make the connection to L.C. than to L.T. 

Because of the new name, I’ll be creating a new web persona as well. There will soon be an L.T. Downing website with a blog aimed more toward kids, hopefully up by July 4th. Since I’ve always had a thing for the supernatural, I’ll be chiming in, kid-style, on stuff like that. Pure fun. Jokes. Periodic give-aways, obviously of Island of the Stone Boy, but hopefully of other books in the future, possibly even those of some of my friends who are writers. Stuff like that. I’ll probably create another Facebook page, though kids under 13 aren’t supposed to be on FB people! Also, check your spam email boxes for promotional emails. 😉

And of course, dear reader, if you and/or your child consume Island of the Stone Boy and enjoy it, reviews are always welcome. At At (which I hope to have available soon). On Facebook. Or even here or on the soon-to-be L.T. Downing site; just send it to me in an email or as a FB message and I’ll narcissitically post it.


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