Island of the Stone Boy: The Journey, Part II

StoneBoyFrontCOVER (2)Island of the Stone Boy is back and ready to be ordered!

I’m ready to pretend none of this happened, that there never were any copies of Island of the Stone Boy printed that had a multiplicity of errors. In case you are behind the curve (and why my book’s saga isn’t the focus of your life, I’ll never understand), I suffered an all-encompassing moment of human stupidity and sent my publisher a file I indicated was the final version when, in reality, it was a draft. I deserve a plaque on the Writers’ Hall of Shame for this one, but fortunately I caught it relatively early so there weren’t hundreds of copies sold. (What? Did I say fortunately? Hey, people, why weren’t there hundreds of copies sold?  Order today!) We have been able to track down nearly all of the bad versions and either have replaced them or are in the process of replacing them. And to those of you who sent me kind words of encouragement and support, I thank you. Of course, financial support and encouragement will be felt just as deeply, both by me and the publisher. (Remember, Jesus loves me for my lack of pride and I hope you do, too.)

It took a little longer than I’d hoped to get the book back out. Apparently, when I saved the bad file with the wrong name, I deleted the good file, so I had to go back and correct the manuscript all over again. I was terrified to make any mistakes and took my time, going over it and over it and over it, and probably torturing publisher extraordinaire, Michael Perry at Leicester Bay Books, who had the task of making frequent changes to the PDF file. But done is done. You can get your Kindle copy at or your paperback version at If you live in the Rockwall, Texas area and you prefer paperback, Roma’s Books will have them soon. You might want to call ahead.

And if you have one of the Unaccounted For Flub Editions, please let me know. Here. In a Facebook message. Or contact Michael Perry at Leicester Bay Books and he’ll let me know. Please don’t make me wait until the resurrection to find out.



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