Goodreads, Give-Aways and Groveling

GTG bookA few weeks ago, Zion BookWorks released my new novel for middle readers Get that Gold!, book one in the Adventures of the Restoration series. I’m very excited to make LDS families aware that this book is out and the series, underway. My books (both Get that Gold! and Island of the Stone Boy) are up on Goodreads and I’m running a give-away of Get that Gold! through December 11th, 2013.  Its been fun to watch the numbers of those entering to win one of two free copies of Get that Gold! jump up, and even better to see that I don’t know the people entering. Please feel free to visit Goodreads and enter to win the give-away of Get that Gold!  I will be running a Just-In-Time-For-Christmas give-away of two copies of Island of the Stone Boy between November 16 and December 16, 2013, so watch for that.

Other big news, both Island of the Stone Boy and Get that Gold! secured enough nominations to be considered for the Whitney Awards, which is a relatively new but prestigious award given to LDS novelists. Island of the Stone Boy will compete in the Speculative Young Adult category and Get that Gold! in the middle reader category. Its an honor to be nominated and I thank those of you who expressed your belief in my work by bothering to fill out the nomination form. Five novels in several categories will be selected as finalists and then evaluated by a wide-ranging panel of judges. I think its fair to say its unusual for an author to have two books under consideration in the same year, and even more unusual that these books are by a previously unpublished (in novel-length) author. I think I should get a prize for that alone, but alas. There isn’t a category for that.

Also, I’m currently booking a blog tour to get the word out about these books and expect to be interviewed shortly over at the great Mormon Arts blog, Motley Vision. Needless to say, if you have a blog and have an interest in an author interview or in posting a book review of either book, let me know. From my perspective, it is NOT necessary for your blog to be focused on books or on reading. I’ll welcome the chance to reach parents on any forum. So if your readership contains mommies or daddies, I’m hoping to hear from you.

Now that I’ve got that groveling out of the way … Last weekend, while watching the leaves turn from the porch at our cabin in east Texas, I had the great honor of doing a podcast interview with the charming Nick Galieti for his show The Good Word, which focuses on LDS literature. The weather was chilly, but the interviewer warm and friendly. I’ll post more about this interview once its available for public consumption. I’ve really enjoyed digging into his archives and listening to some of his past interviews, especially those he’s done with friends. My particular interview is not posted just yet, but I’ll get the link up as soon as it is. 

All in all, I feel like I’m progressing in marketing these two novels, but I have a long way to go. If you’ve read either or both of them–or if you plan to–and enjoy them, please take a moment to review them on or at Goodreads. Better yet, write reviews that express how your children enjoyed them. To date, I have no reviews up on Get that Gold!, a function of the fact I didn’t get review copies to people prior to publication (mistake 1) and the reviews on Island of the Stone Boy, while very positive, are written by adults about their experience consuming the book (as opposed to the experience their child had). While these are helpful, the most effective review is either one written by the young reader his or herself, or by a parent commenting on the child’s reading experience. (Don’t make me grovel again, people.)

And if you PLAN to read either of these two books, but have not yet ordered them, please call your local bookstore and ASK if they have it. If not, please ORDER it FROM them. This will make bookstore managers aware of the books and, ideally, that information will travel up the ladder to the store’s buyers. Ordering through a bookstore adds nothing to the cost (no shipping). If, by chance, their cost to you would be higher than on, for instance, let them know that and they will likely match the price.

Happy reading!


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