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Goodreads, Give-Aways and Groveling

GTG bookA few weeks ago, Zion BookWorks released my new novel for middle readers Get that Gold!, book one in the Adventures of the Restoration series. I’m very excited to make LDS families aware that this book is out and the series, underway. My books (both Get that Gold! and Island of the Stone Boy) are up on Goodreads and I’m running a give-away of Get that Gold! through December 11th, 2013.   Continue reading


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My Split Personality

booksI’ve been teased a little lately for taken on a new persona in the form of children’s book author, L.T. Downing. Yeah, I know. It reeks of R.L. and J.K., but when you write fiction intended for grown-up consumption and some of it is available online, it’s probably best to recreate yourself for the children’s market, considering the prevalent use of search engines.  I really hesitated about the new byline, Continue reading

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To Mormon Women who Write Literary Mormon Fiction, or to Mormon Men who Dare Write of Mormon Women

I admit I’m going to make some assumptions here. A lot of them actually. And I’m going to sound stereotypical and maybe even sexist. Continue reading


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A Few Words about Irreantum’s 2011 Fiction Winners

In case you haven’t heard, the top winners in Irreantum‘s fiction contest for this year are: Continue reading


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Midweek Me Moment

Allow a moment of self-indulgence in this self-titled blog to mention what’s up in my writing life.

First, I’ve finally faced the fact that I have to rekey the novel manuscript that has become what my husband affectionately calls the “eternal novel.” Eternal because I work on it, leave it, work on it, leave it, work on it . . .

The novel begins immediately post 9/11 (though I began writing it in 2007) and is about a middle-aged LDS woman who, in the 1970’s, unknowingly married a closeted homosexual. He, of course, hoped marriage and hetero-sex would cure him. Continue reading


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Discussion for Writers: Show v. Tell on the Molecular Level

Today I boost the ego of wannabe writers everywhere by demonstrating that nobody, not even David Farland, is perfect. Let the Nit Pick begin!

David Farland is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author who has penned nearly fifty science fiction and fantasy novels for both adults and children. Along the way, he has also worked as the head judge for one of the world’s largest writing contests, as a creative writing instructor, as a videogame designer, as a screenwriter, and as a movie producer.

I knew David Farland as Dave Wolverton back when we took writing classes together Continue reading


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Update on Irreantum Fiction Contest

Just a quick post to update those of you who entered Irreantum’s fiction contest this year, the semi-finalists have been selected! Although the number of entries was
down a bit from years past, they were particularly strong.  As always, the entries are judged blindly. This year I joined Angela Hallstrom, former co-editor and current Contest Coordinator, in reading all the fiction entries. Together, we pared the pool down to 15 stories. Continue reading

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