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Goodreads, Give-Aways and Groveling

GTG bookA few weeks ago, Zion BookWorks released my new novel for middle readers Get that Gold!, book one in the Adventures of the Restoration series. I’m very excited to make LDS families aware that this book is out and the series, underway. My books (both Get that Gold! and Island of the Stone Boy) are up on Goodreads and I’m running a give-away of Get that Gold! through December 11th, 2013.   Continue reading


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My Split Personality

booksI’ve been teased a little lately for taken on a new persona in the form of children’s book author, L.T. Downing. Yeah, I know. It reeks of R.L. and J.K., but when you write fiction intended for grown-up consumption and some of it is available online, it’s probably best to recreate yourself for the children’s market, considering the prevalent use of search engines.  I really hesitated about the new byline, Continue reading

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Wanted: A New and Improved Feminism

So this woman shows up at the Facebook Mormon Women Writers page and asks an innocent question, something that noted the liberal bend of most posts and wondered aloud if this group was only for liberals. I made the assumption that this was a conservative Mormon woman, worrying that she might not fit in, so I sent her a private message, meant to encourage her participation. Turns out, she’s liberal and we had a brief conversation–mostly me “talking” as usual–in which I admitted to NOT being a Mormon feminist. Continue reading

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Death has made me a new woman. Obviously, not my death, but that of my brother. My baby brother. Mark Torcasso, who passed away on February 14th of this year after six long years living with Merkel Cell Carcinoma, a very rare and very deadly form of skin cancer. I will spare you a grieving sister’s laments and instead remind you to use sunscreen and cover up. Continue reading

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A Bit about Writing the Mormon Temple

Before I went through the temple for my own Initiatory work and Endowment, my fiance, a returned missionary who had frequented the local Provo temple often since his return, sat me down Continue reading

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On Writing the Mormon Sacred (A Cross-Post from Dawning of a Brighter Day)

Our culture is only as deep, or profound, as our art, and it may well be that our art only becomes these things as our artists isolate what is sacred to the human soul and elevate it for our examination.

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Catching Up

I’ve had a nice blog-cation. You’ll notice that I disappeared during most of October. I’m a Ranger’s fan. What can I say? No time to blog. I spent October writing each day as if October were my personal NaNoWrMo, and I spent my evenings glued to the television, watching nearly every game of the division championships, the American League Championship, and the World Series. Continue reading

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