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Motley Vision reviews Get that Gold

GetThatGoldFRONTCOVER-185x300Get That Gold is eminently worth your time. I loved this story, and I know my kids will love it, and I fully plan on reading it to them as a bedtime story for the next several nights. I was deeply touched by this story. I loved the depiction of Joseph, especially. I was moved to tears at times. I loved the depiction of Emma. I loved Joseph’s family. I can tell that Downing put a great deal of time and effort into her research, and as a reader I trust that. I really enjoyed being transported into the setting and time period of the restoration. Above all, I felt the excitement, the deep and spiritual profundity, of Joseph and his retrieval of the Gold Plates.–Sarah Dunster Continue reading


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Goodreads, Give-Aways and Groveling

GTG bookA few weeks ago, Zion BookWorks released my new novel for middle readers Get that Gold!, book one in the Adventures of the Restoration series. I’m very excited to make LDS families aware that this book is out and the series, underway. My books (both Get that Gold! and Island of the Stone Boy) are up on Goodreads and I’m running a give-away of Get that Gold! through December 11th, 2013.   Continue reading

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I’m NOT Writing

StegnerLast night I attended another meeting of The Unauthorized Book Club for the LDS Ladies of Heath. On the docket, Wallace Stegner’s masterpiece, The Angle of Repose. Revisiting that book was as sensual as ever, each line better than the smoothest dark chocolate. His words hum in my mind whenever I read Stegner. I’ve packed Crossing to Safety in my suitcase as I head out for a week-end retreat, of sorts.  Continue reading

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Island of the Stone Boy: The Journey, Part II

StoneBoyFrontCOVER (2)Island of the Stone Boy is back and ready to be ordered! Continue reading

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Living Every Writer’s Nightmare

Johann_Heinrich_Füssli_-_The_Nightmare_-_WGA08333Earlier in the week, a Facebook friend linked to an article about the trial of a man who had forgotten to drop his infant at daycare and then had driven home, leaving the sleeping child in the car on a day that became sweltering. The child passed away, Continue reading


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Island of the Stone Boy: The Journey

Mason scottIt’s no secret that Leicester Bay Books has just released my young YA ghost story Island of the Stone Boy, and that its available for purchase at or through the publisher at But its hardly widely known either. Continue reading


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Series v. Serial and Why I’m Weary

HP boxed setOver the last few days I consumed David Farland’s engaging Nightingale, a YA tale of the SFF persuasion. When it comes to leisure reading, I’m much more likely to pick up SFF if it’s a YA novel because I like to read what my kids like to read. To be completely forthcoming, Continue reading


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