On Writing the Mormon Sacred (A Cross-Post from Dawning of a Brighter Day)

Our culture is only as deep, or profound, as our art, and it may well be that our art only becomes these things as our artists isolate what is sacred to the human soul and elevate it for our examination.

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Catching Up

I’ve had a nice blog-cation. You’ll notice that I disappeared during most of October. I’m a Ranger’s fan. What can I say? No time to blog. I spent October writing each day as if October were my personal NaNoWrMo, and I spent my evenings glued to the television, watching nearly every game of the division championships, the American League Championship, and the World Series. Continue reading

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Holes in Mormon History and the Pain in my ^$$

Just blowing off some steam today. I’m trying to write through the post-martyrdom scenes from the Nauvoo era, researching as I progress. Now, I’ve considered myself an LDS history hobbyist for quite some time, although I’m reading less than I used to these days. (I assure you I don’t limit myself to the sanitized history.) I also admit that most of my study has been of the Joseph Smith era. The guy was cool–a trouble-maker and a peace-maker all rolled into one. How can you not love that? Continue reading

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Increase of Skill, Increase of Intuition

Last Friday, I lay/layed/laid down the law for my husband. I’m done being a housewife. I suck at it anyway and I resent all the time I spend working on the house when I should be spending that time finishing a novel I should have completed by now. (Phew. Got that?) Continue reading

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To Mormon Women who Write Literary Mormon Fiction, or to Mormon Men who Dare Write of Mormon Women

I admit I’m going to make some assumptions here. A lot of them actually. And I’m going to sound stereotypical and maybe even sexist. Continue reading


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A Few Words about Irreantum’s 2011 Fiction Winners

In case you haven’t heard, the top winners in Irreantum‘s fiction contest for this year are: Continue reading


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Part Review of Angel Falling Softly, Part Discussion of Sentimentality

The best part of last week’s vacation to Beaver’s Bend State Park in Oklahoma was the reading. While my husband and 10 year old spent the blistering days trout fishing, my daughter, home briefly from college, and I hung out in our very well air-conditioned cabin and read. I finished my every-so-often reread of Shirley Jackson‘s Haunting of Hill House and read all of Eugene Woodbury’s Angels Falling Softly, published by Zarahemla Books. Continue reading


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