• Island of the Stone Boy, released June. 2013, with Leicester Bay Books
  • Get that Gold!, released Oct. 2012, with Zion BookWorks

Short Fiction

  • “Straight Home,” Dialogue, 2011
  • “Clothing Esther,” first appearance Sunstone Magazine, 2007
  • — reprinted in anthology Best of Mormonism 2007-2008, 2009,
  • — reprinted in anthology Dispensation: Latter-Day Fiction, 2010
  • “At Bay,” Dialogue, 2004
  • “Room for Solomon,” Irreantum, 2002

Creative Non-Fiction

  • “The Living and the Telling,” Sunstone Magazine, 2013
  • “The Saga of Beef Gone Bad,” Sunstone Magazine, 2011
  • “Staying” in Touchstones, Sunstone Magazine, 2009
  • “Possessions” in Touchstones, Sunstone Magazine, 2007
  • “Grace” in Touchstones, Sunstones Magazine, 2006
  • “Sonata: A Woman’s Song of War,” Sunstone Magazine, 2005
  • “Crests,” Sunstone Magazine,2004
  • “Belonging,” Dialogue, 2003


  • “Not Your Mother’s Book on Motherhood: Reviews of The Mother in Me and The Year My  Son and I Were Born”, Sunstone, 2010
  • Review of Transformation of the Mormon Culture Corridor, AML-List, 2011
  • Review of Dave Farland’s  In the Company of Angels, AML-List 2011 (pending)
  • Review of Glen Beck’s The Christmas Sweater, AML-List, 2008

Children’s and YA Short Fiction

  • “Chapter and Verse,” The New Era, 2001
  •  “A Wheelchair, Faith, and Chin-ups,” The Friend, 2000
  • “Deirdre’s Secret,” The New Era, 1999
  • “Jana’s Secret,” The Friend, 1999
  • “Kamidana,” The Friend, 1997

As Editor

  • Light of the New Day and Other Stories, by Darin Cozzens, Zarahemla Press

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  1. Need to add Island of the Stone Boy to this publications page!

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